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What does it mean that HCI-Telehealth is a device-free-technology?
It means that there is no device brought to the patient home like in most home telehealth technologies available today... more »


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Home Health Software

Home Health Software allows agencies to centralize billing allowing better control, convenience and financial security for the agency. Clerical staff can do more in less time since every piece of information that once was delayed by data entry and filing is automatically incorporated in the electronic record.

With complete knowledge about the day-to-day operation and the generation of useful reports, administrators can be in better control and monitoring of their operations. This application gives administrators and their associates the power of centralized quality assurance and improvement programs as well as better strategic and financial planning.

Fully integrated home care clinical documentation and scheduling system that guides practitioners throughout the process of care delivery in a seamless fashion. Eliminates errors and increases productivity. Ensures coordination of care by providing simultaneous information.

Unlike traditional point of care, data is accessed in real time environment anytime, anywhere using light handheld devices most convenient to collecting data or accessing full chart allowing complete care coordination and delivery.

It's all about patients. Whether visited by a nurse or therapist or connected through Sigma's fully integrated telemonitoring system, HomeCare Companion™, patients can receive continuous care. This ensures the prompt intervention and that patient care is never compromised.