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What does it mean that HCI-Telehealth is a device-free-technology?
It means that there is no device brought to the patient home like in most home telehealth technologies available today... more »


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It's a break through in the way Telehealth is delivered.

HomeTelehealth.com from HomeCare Interactive, LLC helps you to afford telehealth and remote monitoring for your chronically ill patients at a fraction of what you pay to any telehealth vendor for a disease management program.

With complete interactive assessments and a choice of integrated peripherals, Home Telehealth.com offers a unique tool to manage chronically ill patients in their own homes without compromising, quality or care or even agency's money.

Lets face it; the cost and labor involved in most telehealth equipment available in the market today, could not justify the use of those equipment. Nor it can make an ROI we look for. If we call 10 and 20 patients study a success, then what do we call telehealth for 100 or 200 at once. With HomeCare Interactive - Hometelehealth.com, you can see a return on your investment within minutes. In fact, before you even pay. If you sign up for hometelhealth.com program today, you can start saving money immediately by reducing your home health visits and increasing your telehealth assessments and will only be charged at the end of cycle. you will pay pennies instead of hundreds of dollars. There is no comparison. and the quality of care is unprecedented.

As a clinician, you have the choice of relieving alerts to all out-of-range data without employing some one to monitor these data. your patients will be connected to you or your clinician on-call way before an adverse event takes place. You will rarely see hospitalization or ER visits occur and you will always be sure to know when you wish to know.

Why are we different?

Do you know that most equipment in the market today work in a store and forward mode. This means they have generic questions, with generic instructions and the data will only be reviewed Monday through Friday by a clinician.

Home care Interactive ® Today's
Uses home equipment (TV and Telephone)
Uses expensive equipment for assessment
No maintenance needed
Maintenance and repair required at all times
Data is exchanged in real time
Data is stored in the device until delivered
Questions are tailored to patient condition
Questions and enquiries are generic
No need for a reviewer for the data
Needs a dedicated reviewer to the data
Alerts to abnormal values made as they occur
No alerts to abnormal values given
Connects to a clinicians for intervention
Does not connect to a clinician when needed
Charges only per minute of use
Charges even when on the shelf